Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland

So Tim Burton's MUCH discussed r-imagining of Alice in Wonderland for Disney has a teaser debuting Friday before G-force but it has leaked a few days early (god bless Comic-con) Take a look at his typically Burtonesque visual style in what is apparently a new adventure for young Alice to avoid the pitfalls of previous highly episodic adaptations :

Alice" is being planned as a sort of sequel (our term, not theirs) to the story presented in Lewis Carroll's original works. Alice, now 17, follows the White Rabbit away from a high society party, once again landing herself in Wonderland. Only this is a changed Wonderland, a place now ruled over by the evil Red Queen. And since Alice can't remember her last visit, she'll have some hurdles to overcome before she can help her old friends reclaim their world.

Check out the appropriately disturbing and wondrous trailer below. Personally, We're excited to see the film with it's ground breaking mix of 3D, live -action, performance capture and animation.

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