Reese Rideout - The Naked Magician

Porn star, model, Man of the Year and actual stage "magician" Reese Rideout has quite the act as the Naked Magician over at Randy Blue. Check out the seriously dork and yet kinda hot act HERE ! I don't think I need to say it but It's clearly NSFW! I mean he's the Naked MAgician for god's sake you know this right?! So no complaints about surprise cock shots!  well to be fair given his "magical" prowess no one will complain about the cock as it's definitely the drawing factor here. It's interesting to me though that today's porn stars use their porn pasts -hell their porn day jobs as a launching pad for everything from fashion labels, acting careers, pop stardom, reality television fame, music video cameos. Gay shame is certainly not gone but the stigma to porn in our document everything digital age of Facebook, xtube,youtube, twitter we seem to just accept the fact that most people watch porn and as many have made their own sextapes. Hell would we even know who Kim Kardashian and her inane family were without her dull ass sex tape? Nope. Same goes for boring ass talentless Paris Hilton. Hell, even talented people have sex tapes and Porn pasts theses days- Colin Farrell for example. Well I digress- where was I ah yes- Reese Rideout Naked Magician. Cute, hung, fun, tacky-enjoy.

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