Oh Fuck You, Michael Bay.

I watched Transformers and Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen the only two films of Michael Bay's long career that I could even set through fully. As a child of the 70s and 80s I love me some toy-tie in cartoons (Transformers , He-man, Thundercats) and I enjoyed the Transformers live-action films as exactly what they were expensive toy-tie ins. Good pop corn fun with (sometimes too much) product placement and likable stars. Megan Fox has been criticized by Bay  for being perfectly honest that being in  Michael Bay film isn't exactly about acting but was quick to say she was privileged to be in the films as it gave her her career. But the following quote from Bay sparked my post title, which I'll say again "Oh FUCK YOU MICHAEL BAY.  "
It's easy to go shoot an art movie in a winery in the South of France,” he said. “But people have no idea how hard it is to create something like Transformers.
As an independent film maker I know better than Bay does how incredibly difficult it is to "shoot an art movie." With his 200 million plus budgets and a near army of crew he has less to do on a set than most, there are unpaid PA and interns working harder on a Michael Bay film than Michael Bay. Also not to be a semantic nerd but Art Film, not Art Movie. Michael Bay makes movies , a term I designate for those great messy explosion filled usually mindless summer time wasters that we all (myself totally included) get pumped to pack ourselves in the  airconditioned dark for year after year. Films I'd reserve for those (non-technical effects) oscar winning works of passion from writer directors or literary adaptations that speak to the human condition in bold and profound ways, not with two offensive jive-talking Robots and half-naked girls with robot tongues.  

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