Mika-We Are Golden

111˚ F outside in Portland and we just popped home from a fairly complex two day shoot in Eugene, OR I can't really think to blog right now. So enjoy this super faggy video for We Are Golden by Mika directed by Jonas Ackerlund. Mika , come on out mate, it's fine to be a gay popstar we promise, and well we know already. I mean you sound like the love child of Freddie Mercury and George Michael! It's funny because the comments on the video message boards on gay sites are calling Mika anorexic and shouting someone feed him- and yet calling Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl fat) I'm really fed-up with, not exactly the gay press, but those who spend their days commenting on the gay press ( I know this is dicey territory-not trying to bite the hand that feeds) should really spend more time self-reflecting and little less time projecting their self-loathing on to others.

(via towleroad)

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