I Love You, Michael Stipe

Michael Stipe of R.E.M. posted these pics of a morning three-way on guyswithiphones last month. Michael , longtime love artist Tom Dozel (such a cutie) and some unidentified trick snapped pics in Michael and Tom's New York apartment shower . a few days latter Andy from Now it's Overhead and some friends posted sexy naked and near naked photos as well- from Micheal's Bathroom! Hey I'm an art-fag in a band where's my invite!
Stipe is quite the hot daddy these days, and god know I'm not one to knock a nice morning three-way speaking of which... I gotta go for now...

Artist Tom Dozol, (the other Mr. Michael Stipe)

unidentified (kinda cute)Trick

Andy Lemaster (of Now It's Overhead)

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