Sarah "Maverick" Palin the governor of Alaska, imbecilic crook and vice-presidential loser is stepping down later this month as Alaska's governor and will not be seeking re-election in 2010, though rumor has it she plans an (ill-advised) White House bid in 2012. 

Sarah, Honey. Let's talk,
I just have a hard time with this I mean if you fuck up this badly as governor and ruin the lives of sooo many (your own children included) and now removing yourself from the governmental spotlight HOW do you plan on running for the highest office in the nation? It's a farce . STOP IT! ugh! 

What you need to focus on is getting and education for yourself and your children. You made a laughing stock out of Alaskans on the national stage as well as set the women's movement back with your neoconservative agenda. Have you no shame? No decency? No clue? You pimped out a mentally retarded baby for photo-ops in the arms of you second youngest child and thrust your pregnant teenage daughter and her then boyfriend into the spotlight, making a mockery of sex education programs nation wide.  Go away. We don't need you. Ou are making a fool out of yourself and us and it's not fun to watch anymore. It's embarrassing.


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