OH FUCK YOU, G. Gordon Liddy

G. Gordon Liddy is a senile, racist, conspiracy-theorizing bigot, as as much as I despise Chris Matthews I have to say he keep  prodding this issue  poking holes repeatedly in everything Liddy claims. What's more infuriating though is giving people like G. Gordon Liddy the platform to state such ludicrous claims ( Obama was born in Kenya instead of Hawaii). Our nation has become willfully ignorant of facts, Willfully ignorant. For example you you are born of an American parent- I.E. like Barack Obama's mother - you are  drum roll please- An American citizen at birth! I don't care if you were born on the moon! John McCain was born in Panama and guess what- He's as American as apple pie and televised hate speech .  

best line: 
Matthews "Do you have any evidence any of this ever happened?"

Liddy " What ever happened?"

What indeed.

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