The year thus far??

Some people may know, others do not, but it's been a very challenging year for me so far. Filled with great pains, and some amazing joys. In the last 6 months : We have been embroiled in a criminal court case, and now victorious from that a civil action against those who falsely arrested and tormented my husband Taylor; had a long time friend and (former) collaborator go completely  bat-shit crazy, try to kill herself, get better, relapse and carve up her face and body with a kitchen knife before attacking me and calling the cops on her mother and I for trying to get her help; my band released a new record; my mother had a minor heart attack and 6 days later her ex husband (my father) passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle and crashed into a tree; I'm applying to graduate school at the same university I have spent my savings suing ; My family lost a close friend who was like family- a 40 year old to cancer (you are missed Celeste!)I rescued an adorable abused kitten and my mother adopted him and nursed him back to health; I got legally RDPed (registered Domestic Partnered to my longtime love-3 years after we exchanged rings- our 6 year anniversary is in the fall); fond new inspiration and focus for my career while found exciting new avenues opening up for me as I began to get artistic recognition... and it's just fucking JUNE... So dear 2009, enough already. Today I awoke to my mother calling to tell me my uncle was injured in a freak accident that lead to a jet ski exploding and his being taken via Lifeflight chopper to a burn center hours away...  
Okay I get it we are cursed can we have a do over? 

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