Cupcake for Brett!

Troll 2 is my response to  THE ROOM, Which is indescribable. THE worst film I have ever seen, ever. AMAZING. Brett at Movie Madness in Portland OR sent our intrepid bon vivant Matthew Kern home with it as a companion piece to Riding the Bus with my Sister  (directed by ACADEMY AWARD WINNER ANGELICA FUCKING HUSTON!) 

Why Troll 2? See below!

What the fuck is The Room? I don't know but having seen it I need to own it! FUCKING AWFUL AMAZING GOLLY GEE WIZ BOFO WOW! Speechless.

"I don't want to talk about it."


Unknown said...

This guy (Tommy Wis???)is frequently on "Tim and Eric's Awesome Show Great Job." So I'm thinking that this might not even be real.

Jon said...

I absolutly remember seeing troll 2 as a child and being completely terrified by it.... like, nightmares for weeks terrified....