Sam Briar- Rescue Kitty

While  in Georgia my parents and I rescued a 8 week old black kitten who it turns out had ben viciously stomped and then thrown from a moving car into a impossibly thick briar patch (sooo song of the south) It took us about an hour to rescue the frightened little guys and we instantly fell in love. The kitty  thinks Annie their dog is his mom , and she thinks its her puppy in return, they groom each other and sleep together and in one weird inter-species display after another the kitten tried to nurse. Sam (Good Samaritan get it) Briar (obvious) is actually in WAAAAY worse shape than we initially thought but the vets assure us (well them-I'm back in Portland making frequent check up on the kitty phone calls) I got this text from my mom: 
stephen took sam to the dr today.....he has two broken legs...and a cracked hip....the dr says they; are healing great....and he will be just fine....keep him inside and let him lay around,...gave him a worm treatment and has to return to the dr in fourteen days....and continue to keep an eye on him.....we love him and are taking good care of him....he is so sweet....and being a great kitty.....thanks for getting him out of the briar you hun......moma 
Well he was feeling worse post vet trip so my mom and Steve (my awesome stepdad) took the poor baby back to the vet. My mom's face book now reads:
update on little sam briar.....our rescued kitty.....we had to take him back to the dr.....and they kept him in hospital....on iv's. and vitaimins and bed him something for pain and helping him to begin eating again.....little fellow was so critical.....please pray for him....we love him so much,.....
I sorta hate people now. I called my mom and we talked about the cat for pretty much the entire call. The vets seem really moved by his abuse case and are diligently working to save the little guy, who is one hell of a fighter I must say because he scampered around after me and Annie my mom's mini schnauzer while I was at home. He'll have a limp as he grows up but should recover. People I urge you to donate to your local Humane Society  and the ASPCA if you can.
Together we can stop animal cruelty. 

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Anonymous said...

Poor baby...I'm so sorry that he is in the kitty hospital...but so very glad that your Mom took him in. Just remember that there is a very special kind of hell for people who abuse animals. We're pulling for him!