Sam Briar- Rescue Kitty update

Sam Briar IS HOME !  He spent the weekend at the vet nursing broken hips and two broken legs (in five places combined) but is on the mend. My mom reports he has taken to racing through the house climbing chairs and leaping on to the kitchen counter , much to her chagrin. 
He's supposed to be resting but is behaving like a normal rambunctious kitten and his surrogate mom Annie , a 10 month old mini schnauzer is equally wild and in love with her new "baby" while our 12 year old black cat Boscar (the names  along story-but its a she) is fairly annoyed  by the kitten so all in all things seem normal at home. He's expected to make a surprisingly full recovery.

Also my mom is on the mend. Mom if you are reading this REST! no SALT! and rest! 
Also Thanks for saving the kitty! 
much Love!

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