Richard Kelly Returns "THE BOX"

After the cult classic Donnie Darko made a star of it's writer-director anticipation was high for his follow up, the under-appreciated David Lynch-homage sci-fi epic  Southland Tales. Now comes his third feature  The Box. Cameron Diaz must have the best agent ever and a deal with the devil to keep getting in edgy fair like this after her 8 million bad rom-coms. James Marsden keeps making it impossible not to love him  and Frank Langella looks fucking terrifying in this. A deceptively simple premise gets a complete neo-surrealist make-over : A couple get a box with a button. You have 24 hours to decide- Push the button someone you don't know dies, and you get a million dollars....

oh but pesky morals and intrigue ensue Take a look inside THE BOX!

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