The New American Experiance?

Disgusting footage out of Minneapolis from their Gay Pride fest as two men walking from the event are harassed by a group of Somali Kids. I have to share my own experience here, for a few years I worked at a coffee shop that had an unexpectedly become the new hangout of a large group of Somali and Ethiopian men who met daily to discuss politics, finances, the weather, and practice English. They were an awesome group of men who ranged in age from early 20's to late 60's . But there was another side to some of the guys as well. My husband was in and out of the shop a lot and we got dirty looks from several guys. One man refused to let me serve him coffee due to my hebrew star tattoos being visible and called me "a dirty Jew". I heard that from another guy as well ... every time I walked past him he muttered at me until one of the cool guys told him to shut up he wasn't in Somalia anymore and things were different here. I've had this happen with other new immigrant groups in Portland as well. We have a large Eastern European (Russian, Ukrainian and Lithuanian mostly) and the churches they attend spout a torrent of racist and homophobic hate-speech ad nauseam. It angers me that when forced from their homeland due to violence and intolerance so many immigrants come to the United States and try to recreate their own village mentality and then enforce it on others, often through intolerance and violence -I say this as the product of immigrants. 
I really am disturbed though by these kids , who in all probability are native born here in the States shouting things like "I hate Gay People" "Gay is not the way" and "Black Power" seemingly incapable of understanding that all gay people are not caucasian. 

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Unknown said...

How scary!!! I just love how those two cops looked but didn't stop the crowd following and chanting at this poor guy.