FINALLY! The long delayed follow up to THIS HOUSE IS NOT A HOME is (nearly) ready to arrive! Inheritance is  a schlocky trashy fun horror comedy homage to the early days of cable television and direct to VHS exploitation films.  The film stars Max Schuette and Crystal MacTaggart as a young couple who get more than they bargain for when a distant relative dies and leaves the young love birds a shocking inheritance: Mock, a minor demon (a brilliant performance by Matthew Kern  beneath tons of prosthetic make-up by Taylor Vineyard.)  
The film took a  while to complete in post for  a WIDE variety of reasons : budget restrains, visual effects, score and clearance rights, a stalker, distractions (*)  and so on. But I'm rather proud of this odd and charming film and look forward to sharing it with all of you soon. 

Also of note the film sports a stellar soundtrack featuring Dusty Springfield, The Raveonettes, Eartha Kitt, A is for Accident, Baby Dee and My Bloody Valentine!!!!

*- My band, A is for Accident released Selfish on Le Garçon Sale Records and are now recording THE GOOD PRINCE due out this fall!! Woohoo!

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