HRC, DOMA, Obama and you!

It's too little too late- after that disastrously offensive Justice department brief on DOMA the Obama administration backtracked a millimeter and threw us a ceremonial bone. Gee I-can't- believe-it's-not-full-rights-and-benefits, if you will, benefits minus all the ones that really matter like pension and health care.  I have had it with HRC's political ass kissing and celeb stance. Joe Solmonese makes 225K a year to stand up for gay rights and instead just rolls over and takes it with a smile. He's nothing but a fence straddling media whore.  Our News anchors below are more articulate and more righteously (and rightly!) angry about the abuse to the gay community than the PAID leader of the HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN!  Done! over you.
I'm not donating to HRC again while Solmonese is the head, I've got soo little funds that if I'm going to give i want them to do some actual good and if I'm throwing money away to get fucked over by those we pay to help us I might as well buy lube. 
People, do not allow this to continue. Voice your opinions. Write your congress person, our president, our LGBT community leaders, become a leader yourself. It's time to take to the streets and demand action, to take action, to cause ACTION! We deserve our rights, RIGHT NOW.

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