Fast Food and Fast Lays?

There is nothing sexy about fast food. Seriously.  Yet that has not stopped Burger King and Quiznos among others (Carl's Junior I'm looking at you-well actually I'm not because your adverts are repulsive) from making increasingly sexually implicit adverts that range from groan to gag inducing.  

The sexually suggestive , slightly bossy bottom sandwich oven actually says "Put it in me Scott" to the hottie in clip below. I don't want the "toasty torpedo" but Scott could stop by sometime.


Unknown said...

OMG that's so weird... we were just talking about how nasty the "tasty torpedo" commercial is...(the blatant "Put me in your mouth or I'll burn you with my oven" vibe). Naturally the conversation turned to a question of whether or not a "fast food" genre exists in the porn world... think uniforms complete with Reeboks and some form of condiment/frostee abuse. While Big Daddy D thinks that people are sketchy enough to have a fetish for anything, I myself am dubious. What do you think? Is there such a thing as "fast food porn," and are people that sick?

Unknown said...

whoops! I meant "toasty torpedo," not tasty... totally Freudian blog slip. LOL