Drag Me To Hell

Often times in the summer crush of release dates a film gets overlooked or lost in the shuffle. Drag Me to Hell  the return to horror from director Sam Rami after a YEARS long absence from the genre directing the Spiderman films is one such example. It opened opposite Star Trek for god's sake.  So I finally got around to seeing it at Taylor's suggestion. We called up our equally horror loving friend Arisa and went to see if this could make me forgive him for Spiderman 3 . WOW , did it ever.

The story itself is simple enough Christine (a well cast Allison Lohman-replacing Ellen Page who dropped out of the project post oscar nom for Juno-poor move Ellen), a well meaning southern girl living in California with a professor of psychology boyfriend (Justin Long) with a rising position as a loan officer at her bank. When she makes the call to deny a mortgage extension to a soon to be foreclosed old gypsy woman (against her better judgment I might add) the woman curses her . After three days of demonic torment , a vicious and destructive demon will come and Drag her to Hell( get it?). What ensues is a frantic 3 day fright fest of LOUD noises, nightmarish gross out gags and more icky laughs than you can imagine. Vomiting bugs, exploding bloody noses, and a bad ass throw down involving a possessed goat ensue.  The film is timely in it's critic of mortgages and the banking system and funny and scary in equal measures.  It's also the most fun schlocky film of its kind since Grindhouse opened two years ago. It's charming to see a horror film that remembers to not take itself so damn seriously and its a comedy that is actually funny.  the trailer is terrifying but I promise the film is a blast! 

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