Postcards From Omega (1)

As some of you may know I am in Georgia tending to a small family emergency. My mother may have had a small heart attack. We won't know for sure until she sees a specialist , who has booked her in JULY! hence my flying down to yell at people until I get her seen sooner. I'm more than a little jet lagged and suffering from insomnia and missing my husband who couldn't come this trip do to it's insanely last minute nature and length of stay (10 days). This really is the middle of nowhere. I flew 10 hours on 2 planes and then drove/road 4 hours more to get to my family farm. It's a weird place to be, especially without all your cylinders firing at their prime, but this was home for roughly 20 years. A decade of transcontinental drifting later I appreciate things better when I am here and yet I have so firmly planted roots in Portland that I am now for the first time in my life homesick. More posts and pics shall follow and promise to be perkier but its been a long two weeks. I had a friend spiral out of control and take a kitchen knife and attempt to mutilate themselves before attacking me for trying to do the right thing and seek professional help for them, my mother collapsed, 6 days later my father passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle and hit a tree, since I have been home I have seen a sever accident (my dad is EMT trained) with a young man with severe head trauma, and a local boy (a friend of the family's son) was killed in an accident. 
On an up note I've gorged myself on fresh oysters and sweet tea, something reliably southern and vaguely soothing. 

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