Peaches- I Feel Cream

We have all come to expect certain things from ms. Merrill Beth Nisker, aka Peaches, sassy sexually explicit lyrics and a critique of the binary gender systems... check and check. But for her fourth album I Feel Cream Peaches has added something unexpected to the mix, real emotion and vulnerability. Its a welcome change up and adds more depth to her electro backdrops and political rants. She's like a neomarxist demanding a revolution in the bed room and the dance floor.  Is Peaches now  staging a coup to take over the mainstream? Talk to Me the lead single even addresses the dichotomy of the artist and the individual off stage:
"This aint a Peaches show /it's just me and you , me and you/ why don't ya talk to me."
While its certainly not as revolutionary as The Teaches of Peaches it's a solid album  by an artist willing to mature and evolve in a relevant way (as opposed to say the recent Madonna) Peaches has collaborated in recent years with everyone from Yoko Ono to Feist to Karen O showing the boys how the ladies set it off.  It's a sexy and modern album that stimulates the brain as well as  below the waist, whatever that may be. 

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