Patrick Wolf-Vulture

I've written before  (a few times actually) about  Patrick Wolf hands-down one of the most talented, creative, and vital  artists working today. I posted a smolderingly sexy pic of Patrick on the set of the video for Vulture, and now volia! the super hot video has arrived!
From the new album The Bachelor  here's Patrick Wolf with Vulture

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Cody DeRoss said...

OMG!! This video completely changes my perspective of him after the show bashfully talking about his wolf shirt. LOL. Hella sexy video... He looks good w/short blonde hair. I'm so excited for the album!

ps. I know it's weird, but watching this inspired me to let it all go with my writing. Art is art and that is fucking risky and scary and not all may like it. Thanks for posting Klaus (you know I love you last name).