I love my job...

.. sometimes:

 "So how was your day? What did you do today?"

"Oh the same ol' same ol' worked with my ex and murdered a robot child and critically injured a second. yeah. That's how I roll ."

  I was proud to be apart of my third documentary for EMS-C/OHSU filming pediatric trauma simulations for training, this time in Silverton, Oregon. Yes, the same small town that recently elected the nation's first transgendered mayor Stu Rasmusen. It was a dreary rainy day I created a critical head injury and well judging from the brain matter you can see on the pavement, a fatal head injury in addition to my documentary duties. 
Special FX are my husband's area of expertise so I was a tad bit nervous on my own, but this was by far the best simulation  shoot I've done. nearly everything went smoothly and according to plan. Which is impressive because in my own shoots I rarely pull that off.  Thanks to Dr. Garth Meckler, Phil Engle and Merlin Curry for dragging me into this bizarre line of work. You guys are great.
Special thanks again to Garth for snapping the stills for me while I filmed.

(yes this was a shout-out post and not really news worthy-so sue me!)

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