Fashion meets Art and then gets all mixed up

So as many know I have been nurturing my inner weaver/knitter/sewer type person and have been overloading my friends with handmade toys and gloves.  So in that respect I recently had the chance to go the  the Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft where I was able to walk into a giant world of knitted wonders attached to every inch of the room, hanging all around me and looking like giant chandeliers, and organic creatures reaching out to grab me.  So I checked out the artist and found that Mandy Greer had also made the cover of Fiber Arts magazine  for her newly knitted fashion for an installation piece that also has a video.  Check it out on the link to her blog and enjoy the pics I was able to pull off the web since they wouldn't allow me to take any while I was wandering around. LOL.

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OMG I love this!!!