AntiChrist ( Dir. Lars Von Trier)

L'enfant terrible of modern art cinema Danish director Lars Von Trier is back with AntiChrist, his first true horror film since RIGET I and II (the Kingdom) . 
 It premiere at Cannes this week to tremendously mixed reviews some fining to far too violent and gory for the art house cinemas and others finding it misogynistic and boring. I'm a staunch feminist and a huge fan of Von Triers work, I don't find his work antiwoman but rather shining a light on the plight of women at the hands of men.  AntiChrist tells the story of two grieving parents (known only as He and She) trying to recover from the death of their young son. They retreat to a forest cabin in a place called Eden only to be confronted by Satan himself and finding "nature is the church of Satan". I'm super excited for this to hit the states, but this is the second film he's directed since the controversial Dogville sequel Manderlay (the comedy Boss of it All being the other) and as much as I love his daring new work I want to see Washington, the final installment of his U.S.A.- Land of Opportunity trilogy made. Until then I'm glad to see he's anchored this difficult looking new film on the completely capable shoulders of acting powerhouses like Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe. 

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