Rupert Everett murdered his face

I'll be honest I've been losing more and more respect for once acclaimed out-actor Rupert Everett. His performance in Another Country remains outstanding every time I watch that film. but his recent remarks attacking gay parents and such have been really tacky and sorta reek of sour grapes from a former notorious party boy. Now this! Here is a side by side comparison of Rupert's recent, er... um... "tune up". A nip here a tuck there and he went from being a distinguished and sexy older man to just plain 100% UNFUCKABLE . i saw him on Martha Stewart this past week (don't judge me damn you!) promoting Blithe Spirit on Broadway and it was just tragic to see a face ruined so completely by cosmetic surgery. I pretty much feel this has ended his film career I mean seriously this is as bad as any phase of Mickey Rourke in my opinion.

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Severin Wrights said...

No that didn't end his career. This did: