Beau Breedlove- Unzipped Asstwat (pt2)

Last time I wrote about Beau Breedlove I called him a  bottom feeding attention whore asstwat, and I got hate mail for that... I now stand corrected. What I should have said was he was a TACKY bottom feeding attention whore asstwat.  Seriously I don't know who annoys me more Beau or the nearly 100 people who showed up have him sign copies of Unzipped magazine. It's just all around tacky folks.  I have personally seen Beau at bars all last week trying desperately to hold court like some psuedo-celebutant, funny thing was though, except for a total of THREE troll-like men, he was pretty much a legend in his own mind. Everyone else seemed to actively be avoiding him or just uninterested.  Here's a quote from the article that I feel exemplifies this man :

"Back when I was new to Portland, I was selfish," Breedlove admits, pointing to his cock. "I was like, take care of me! I didn't suck, I didn't want cock in my mouth. I would tell these guys: You can jack off afterward, I don't care. But I don't want to be involved." 

Class act all the way.  Selfish back then, as opposed to now? I also totally agree with Jon over at Gaycondo- Beau is a total butterface. and I still bet F-A-T by thirty.

*-I swiped the photo Matt Davis' wry and spot on article over at The Portland Mercury. Yes the same Matt Davis who wrote such a lovely piece about our recent court drama. xo

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Anonymous said...

Why does anyone care about this guy anymore? He doesn't even do anything to contribute to society. Bum.