Ok, so I know this video has been out for a while but I think it is a good example of some thoughts I have been having lately.  In conjunction with Andy's "Think/Feel" post and the  social/political climate, not to mention the fact that there was a guy at school who got pissed off at what he thought was the pushing of a "Feminist, Homosexual agenda in academia" I figured it would help illustrate my point.  The story really being that with everything I have faced down in my young life and the hurdles I have been forced to step over I am still constantly amazed at how stupid people are.  We have entered a new era in which the old ways don't work and the walls separating  classes and genders are crumbling around us.  Even with the obviousness of this I still see people clinging desperately in a pointless attempt to squash the voice of those they still deem lesser.  Women, gays, ethnic minorities, children even, are STILL not being given the respect and possibilities that your average white guy is.  No one seems to think that their actions have any impact on others, or if they do they use them to control, hinder, and oppress those they disagree with and keep themselves far removed from the old adage, "live and let live".  If people would take a second to think about the fact that they are not God, or any other deity, maybe they would take a step back and pay attention to their own lives and not the going- ons of everyone else.  But I guess everyone needs a hobby.  Everyone is so busy blaming someone else for the unraveling of the fabric of society that they don't seem to be taking the time to do some introspection and figure out who they are.  This is one of the things I like about the video I put on here.  A woman, who is independent, self assured, and has taken charge of her own sexuality and life gives us a sampling of her own vulnerability, and emotional fragility.  This, to me, is a great moment.  Yes, we can be strong, yes we can take charge, but to balance that, cause we all need balance people, we need to know our selves well enough to say "Hey, I got my feelings hurt."  or "Hey, I need this from you." Whatever the this may be is up to the individual.  But to acknowledge that just because you are tough and in charge of your own life doesn't mean that the vulnerable parts are eradicated. To acknowledge this and be one with it actually makes one stronger.  Everyone has needs, and fears, and desires, and everyone of these aspects helps construct the fully realized person that we all strive to be.  From this inner sojourn would also come a respect for others as knowing thyself would also create and awareness of others that so many today seem to be lacking.  Gone are the days of sitting around having others tell you what to do, command your actions, decide your fate, and tell you who you can love, what you can do, and what worth your life has.  Now if just these people looked outside and realized this.  I imagine a big collective "Ooohhhhhh...." would follow.  

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