Craigslist Dis-Connections

I'm sorry, but I like my I SAW YOU's and Missed Connections as much as the next guy/gal, however this is something that must stop. I see this more and more frequently on sites like craigslist, not that I spend that much time on there. Actually in my entire life I've only had ONE craigslist hookup and that was with someone I'd already met and used missed connections to get in touch with so I don't know if that even counts. This is from today's Missed Connections here in Portland.
Thursday night. Just came in from a walk, 10 30 pm. I was a couple blocks off Burnside, in NE. Walked by your house, and thru the window saw 2 young cleancut HOT guys sitting at the computer. One was on the other's lap. I stopped for a second look because it at first appeared he was passed out or something. But then I realized it was just some romantic, tender, intimate time between you two. You lifted him into a sitting position, and tenderly kissed his neck a few times, all the while your arms wrapped around him. You both had clothes on (unfortunately!!!), but when you each got up to walk around, I swear there was swelling in the crotches. 

Just wanta tell you how it made me feel! HAPPY for you two, that you have such a warm, loving relationship with each other. But a wave of LONELINESS swept over me, and I walked slowly home, alone, hands in pockets where they were slightly massaging the hard-on you guys gave me. HOW MUCH I would LOVE that ... someone to hold and kiss, someone to hug me back, the spontaneousness of "cuddling" on a chair in front of the computer, and then heading off to bed together for some further snuggling, making out, and more. Any chance you two would include a third guy?? Or is there anyone else out there, legal age but less than 50, who would enjoy the same?
I saw this on the Portland Craigslist and just wanted say Hi, you are kinda a creepy/pervy peeping tom AS WELL AS a needy clingy possible sociopath. Seriously, you think whining about how (presumably) happy people make you feel lonely while you are spying on them through their window, then you ask if you can be their third?! You don't even know these guys names! That's not a relationship. Look  I know this is a mean post but sometimes tough love is the best thing for a person. I'm a big proponent of it. and clearly here it's needed.
As my friend Matthew would say, "Whoopty Ding-Dong Nuts."

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