Burning Bright

Okay so this may turn out to suck but based on the treatment I read I'm so fucking psyched! 
`A 20-something girl trapped in a house with her extremely autistic  little brother during a dangerous hurricane, and all the little brother wants to do is  pet the kitty- by which I mean the 500 pound Bengal tiger running loose in their house. I don't want to say why the tiger is there, but it will make total sense in the story I promise.  I also hear it's not too gory going for high suspense PG-13 thing which can be fine, though I sadly expect the tiger may buy the farm by the end (shades of Cujo, Jaws, or well just about every other animal on a rampage film) which means my husband will most likely be teary eyed at the end.  I could be wrong-  maybe the tiger just stalks and torments the poor kids before devouring some asstwat  supporting character that we all hate before being put safely back in it's cage(fingers crossed). they also get major points from me for using a real tiger  and not some ad looking cgi  thing.


Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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