Beau Breedlove- Unzipped Asstwat

As if the timing couldn't be worse, here's our first look at the May issue of Unzipped with cover boy Beau Breedlove. I love that the copy says Fresh from his affair with Portland's Mayor. Let's be real folks it was four-fucking-years ago and Beau has made the rounds sleeping with just about any and every sugar daddy in town since (according to VERY reliable sources).  
He's pretty much the definition of not-so-fresh.  He's a bottom feeder pure and simple. The worse kind of gay young man, one who's too stupid to see he's playing to the enemy, but just smart enough to be dangerous.   Opportunistic and selfish, this shoplifting predatory little office skank is now a national cover boy. Here's your 15 minutes of fame Beau. enjoy it and then go away so our city can get on digging it's self out of the mess you helped make. 


Anonymous said...

before you decide to say shit like this, try actually reszearching this guy. he has been in 2 relationships. one for 3 years, and the other for 2 1/2. he obviously isnt a skank like you say. I know him personally, and know he has contributed tons of time to helping others, more than your selfish prick ass could ever do. all you care about is riding on someone elses coat tails to get a few seconds of attention.

go to hell you ugly fucking prick. get a life.

what did beau do when this all happened? he hid because he didnt want to be a part of it. what did he do when the media forced their way into his family, he took them on and turned the attention to a local chairty he has been involved with, to make some type of good from this hellacious shit.

AND if any of you knew anything, you would have had the balls to talk to him, and you would have found out how much work he had to miss because of this shit. and when given the opportunity to earn some money back by posing for this mag, what did he do with the money???????? he gave it back to a local non-profit that was struggling.

get it straight.

Andrew klaus-Vineyard said...

Read my bio- I have no need to ride his nor anyone else's coat tails dear. It's very juvenile to take the time to say "go to hell you ugly fucking prick. get a life." but even more so to say it anonymously. Sounds like you might be the one in need of a life. And trust me I have balls when it come s to talking to people who actually matter and not some local's trick.