Andrew Bridge vs KATU

 Andrew Bridge (also known as Andrew Farris) was the "witness" who accused my husband Taylor Vineyard as well as another Portland State University student Stephen Priest of being involved in  an "orgy"  at Peter-Stott Center , the gym on the PSU campus. It lead to my husbands arrest and a four and a half month long court battle which ended on March 26th with the  charges being "Dismissed in the Interest of Justice" due to , well my husband being innocent and the witness being a liar. 

KATU investigative news reporter Dan Tilkin (who is a brilliant and brave man by the way!) interviewed us a few months back about the case and followed the case through to it's happy ending- well it keeps getting better. After interviewing us for the follow-up just a few short hours after the dismissal he then tracked down the "witness" who seems to have quite the history of accusing gay men of public sex acts as well as a bit of a criminal history ( it's a matter of public record in case you are wondering how I know this.) 
What happened next has to be seen to be believed. When approached by Dan Tilkin and his intrepid camera man Andrew Bridge threatened to get a gun and shoot them, babbled insanely, sprayed them with a water-hose and all around acted like deranged bully.

God the only thing more I'd have loved  was for Dan to point out in no uncertain terms- "hey asstwat, you are NOT a witness anymore. Your vigilante days are over bub! "

I want the whole LGBT community to know this guy's face, a self loathing gay man who perpetrates legalized gay bashing by deception and perversion of the legal system for his own twisted amusement.  He even states as to how he was at the scene of F-O-U-R recent scenes of "public gay sex" ... the punch line He himself is a gay man, so he "knows what to look for."

Yeah I think he looks for  attractive (and thin) young men who are innocent of a crime and happy with themselves to accuse falsely, because that's about all he has found.

Never again.


Anonymous said...

andrew bridge verbally assaulted me at PSU today, among many other things calling me a bitch and threatening to physically hit me. as someone else who has been shocked by his inhuman and beyond disrespectful behavior i was wondering if you could email me and help me maybe find some closure, understanding, or acceptance? i found the article about you guys after googling him before filing a complaint with the dean of students. if you are trying to put this behind you i understand but please feel free to contact me.

Anonymous said...

I know Andrew well, and his behavior toward you is very common: harassment, threats and general out-of-control ranting. His family believes that he is harmless, but I don't. He frightens me! Maybe your complaint to the dean will get him the help he needs.
I do hope you follow through with this. Most people are so intimidated by him that they stay silent. I am sending this "anonymous" because I don't ever want him to find out where I live, but if you want, I will email you privately. Let me know on the comment page, I don't feel safe putting my email here where he might find it.

Anonymous said...

you know andrew is planning to become a lawyer, and is in the frat at PSU.
You think he would know the laws against filing false police reports!

Andrew klaus-Vineyard said...

I do know he's studying law but has not been admitted to any law school. Clearly he's mentally ill by all accounts and it seems like its a matter of time before he actually causes physical harm to someone. I am hoping some of the issues raised about him will put a stop to it before that comes to pass. People frequently contact us about him, saying how afraid of him they are. I am not afraid of him. I feel sorry for him because he's clearly delusional, not only because of his actions but because he thinks I'll put up with them.