Musical Crush of the Moment - Adele

I got Adele's album 19 back in the spring of last year. I've steadily listened to it since each time connecting to something different.  My two favorite tracks Cold Shoulder and Hometown Glory still pack an emotional sucker punch. She's everything that (the obvious comparison) Amy Winehouse is not:  curvaceous, a ginger, lucid. well actually having seen a recent Grammy appearance/interview after she took home Best New Artist beating out Welsh soul singer Duffy (who very well may in fact be a Muppet-seriously, I think I'm on to something here) perhaps not THAT lucid as she sounded dangerously like a working-class British Penelope (Kristin Wiig's SNL character). Check Adele out talking about Katy Perry at 1:09 seriously slipped into Penelope land there.
Adele won Best New Artists which in years past has been the kiss of death grammy. I think she has enough talent to over come this stigma. It helps she can hop back across the pond and make good music and not be expected to be a pop tart like Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana or what ever the hell she/Disney calls her(self). Here is a list of past recipients of BEST NEW ARTIST:
Do we see a pattern of suck-ass emerging? Let's hope she breaks this curse, hey and Kudos for looking like a real girl and not like a Barbie doll. It's about damn time skinny ass girls flashing their crotches didn't equal talent.

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