Michael Phelps Smokes Pot...um so

Okay I'll keep this brief cause all we really care about is Michael Phelps in a  speedo or less. this guy hasn't been allowed a mature moment of life since he was about ten years old. Time for him to smokes some pot, tap some ass and stay up past eleven p.m.  He needs some time to run around with his friends away from mom (no matter how awesome she is-no offense Ms Phelps-we at Digging to China do in fact think you are awesome). He should be careful though as this is a country where everyone is out to tear down a hero and are totally hypocritical about their own lives versus  So hey Mikey do us and your self a favor , smoke pot in your bedroom , or in the tub like a civilian and not the Olympian you are.
Oh and if you must get caught shocking the puritans, let it be getting naked PLEASE!

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