Jake Shears and Justin Bond sing THE ROSE!!! WITHOUT IRONY!!!

I will now repeat this title, sniffling a bit: Jake Shears (of the Scissor Sisters) and Justin Bond (Kiki and Herb, mistress of Shortbus) sing THE ROSE!!!! WITHOUT IRONY!!! 
You see children Irony is what we homosexuals use to defend ourselves from the cruelties of the outside world, like homophobia, bad taste, fluorescent lighting, that drunk girl/guy at the office part , and of course, our feelings. Now here we have two of New York's most famous gay cabaret starlets (see irony!) singing Bette Midler's sappy heart wrenching balled that pretty much makes me want to go an slit my wrist with BIC disposable every time I hear it, only I end up pressing repeat and reaching for the ice cream.
I defense of all that is (un)holy I will pair it with another cover version of THE ROSE, this time in an "ironic "fashion by the Griffen Family of Quahogg (Family guy Season 7; Episode 4 if you must know)

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