Digging to China

New year , new me , new look. Well kids what do ya think? I see lately that my international readership has been picking up considerably . So hey I'd love to hear from you so drop us a comment and let us know what's on your mind. Expect some changes in the coming weeks to Digging To China, not the least of which is this snazzy make over. 
I started this blog a few years back as an impetus to write daily, which it took some time to actually become. Quite a lot has changed and has occurred in the meantime. I think in all this time I've never fully explained the title Digging to China, the truth is it's the title of a book of essay's I'm working on about my life and growing up gay , Jewish , and punk rock in the south and about how that experience turned me into the well adjusted happily married former sex addict I am today. The title however is in reference to the metaphor I  use for explaining my family and I's attempts to understand an view one another: It's like digging to china, you can do it all day long , but you only be left with a hole in the ground  and no closer to your goal.
My band A is For Accident is releasing SELFISH our new record, our first on the label Le Garçon Sale on Feb. 24 and we couldn't be happier, though Jules and I are already hard at work on the follow up , (lol Selfish took us nearly 4 years, we're hoping it's not that long of a gestation this time around.)
Expect original video segments soon on Digging to China (I loathe the word Vlog)
as well as interviews, reviews and pop culture critiques galore. 
It's been a trying time as of late as many loyal readers and dear friends know what with Taylor's false arrest and it's ensuing court case, which is slower than the remake of Alexander Berlinplatz.

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