Rick Warren " Jesus , Hitler, and ME!"

The  full article is up at the Huffington Post as well as several news sources as the news is spreading.  I'm literally shaking with rage as I type this furious that in this day in age approaching the inauguration of our nations first biracial president, Barack Obama, I have to hear Rick Warren's  Hate-speech.  He is asking good Christians to emulate the fanatical tropes of Adolf Hitler and Chairman Mao. This alone  should have him summarily dis-invited from the inauguration.  This is not a matter of ideological differences based on religion or socio-economic or socio-political standing. This is a fundamental CORE value that can not be coalesced with the promise of hope and change for the better in America. This is bigotry, self indulgent messiah complex, ignorance and nothing less than hate.  Stop Pandering to this bullshit. 

Rick Warren's support of "Purpose Driven  Nations" have given us this gem.In late March 2008, as announced by Rick Warren's publicist A. Larry Ross, Uganda became the second official "Purpose Driven" nation on Earth, following Rwanda. Sometime during the year Uganda also gained the dubious distinction as a nation that distributes state-sanctioned anti-Jewish propaganda to school children. Up to one million copies of Manga Messiah, which features a basic mis-representation of Biblical scripture giving readers the impression that the Jewish Pharisees were in league with Beelzebub, will be distributed in Uganda with the apparent blessings of the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Uganda's First Lady Janet Museveni, who has participated in Rick and Kay Warren's HIV/AIDS conferences.
(via The Huffington Post )

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