Octuplets- Medical Miracle or Irresponsible Medicine? (pt 2)

And Babies make 14( Four-fucking-teen! ) Folks I have now given up on humanity. Rather than adopt a child in desperate need, or become a foster parent some people get it into their thick selfish heads they MUST bind their clearly defective chromosomal info and make a "tiny person; a little us" . I am all for having kids, i.e. becoming a parent, however just because you can does not mean you SHOULD. I argued previously that the birth of the Octuplets (nope, spellcheck still hates that word) last week might be medically and ethically irresponsible. Well now I'm certain. There may be a special place in hell for people like Angela Suleman, age 33, not only did this irresponsible woman have this litter eight babies strong she has a set of twins and four others at home. 6 + 8 = 14 kids! She has recently filed for bankruptcy and her husband has moved to his native Iraq to help rebuild that country/make enough money to support his 14 kids(ages 2,3,4,5,7 and 1 week x8. So basically she's a broke ass single mom living with her parents and her 14 kids... I'm sorry perhaps I'm being too harsh about people's life choices. And yeah reproduction is not called the miracle of life for nothing but I also think bio-evolutionarily speaking there is no way she can possibly begin to be a "good mother" to 14 children under the age of 7. THis all feels like either a mental illness issue gone horribly unchecked or a freak show arrangement where by publicity generates the revenues to cover her debts, either way I do not feel, personally, that this is you best candidate for parent. But hey, what do I know-  I don't have any children yet and I was drunk when I wrote this.

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