No Really! AMY WINEHOUSE Saved a woman from drowning

Louise Williams, a 39 year old tourist was thrown from her sailboat while vacationing in the Caribbean yesterday . It seems a  6 foot wave tossed the woman in to the rocks scrapping her up and making her fear for her life when who runs o her rescue?  Non other than MS. Rehab Chanteuse (and Rehab dropout) Amy Winehouse. 
Wow! I mean, um wow! Amy Winhouse? 
Actually the grammy winning singer has been looking somewhat better these last few weeks (well days) and seems to have some weight on her again, which was desperately needed. 
Here hoping for a follow up to Back to Black soon!
The Brit landed painfully on rocks near where former heroin addict  Amy was relaxing with a pal on her St Lucia break.

The singer dashed to Louise — who was lying in agony at the water’s edge and in danger of being swept back into the sea.

She helped her up and guided her to a beach shower, where the singer cleaned her cut back.

Grateful Louise said: “I was bowled over by her kindness. She went out of her way to help me.”

Amy said about the event:I thought she was going to drown.”

Louise, an admin officer of Plymouth, Devon, said: “A six-foot wave caught the boat and I went flying and hit a rock.

“Amy was on the beach 20 metres away and she ran across immediately and said, ‘Let’s have a look at you.’

“She picked me up and took me across to the showers and was constantly asking, ‘Are you all right?’”

The Rehab star then washed the gashes clean, ran to get fresh towels and wrapped her in them.

Later Amy posed for a snap with Louise, looking proud.

It was a change from an often debauched stay at posh Le Sport hotel, where Amy has been seen crawling on a bar floor, nicking drinks and asking guests for sex.

Louise said: “It shows there’s another side to her.”

(via the Sun)

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