Narcissus Gazed-Peter Breen

London Based photographer/model Peter Breen has been doing a provocative series of self portraits for years now, usually clad only in sneakers and socks, or bits of costuming Breen's objectification of his own body is both intimate and otherworldly.  It's an interesting statement on male beauty viewed through a queer lens when so much attention is placed on objectification of the aesthetic that Breen chose self portraits that at times are erotic but often candid or just as often frightening uneasy. His work seems voyeuristically private and bravely so a revelation of the inner world of the modern male psyche and its place at odds with the changing nature of the his place in said world. He toys with the masculine and the feminine an d has a great grasp for capturing the natural light of the outdoors. Check out more of Peter's work here.

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carrieviohl said...

His work is really gorgeous.

The set in the shower is really stunning, thought provoking.
Thanks for sharing, cutie!