Logan McCree- Beauty's in the eyes of the beholder (pt1)


Model, DJ, Mr. Leather Germany, slight speech impediment sufferer (adorable!) and porn star Logan McCree has been a round for a couple of years now so I've decided to profile some random hottie each week who defies in their own way the normative concept of beauty. He was my first pick. Yes in a lot of ways he has the classic features one associates with male beauty but here the personality and attitude defy that, at least for me personally which deepens the appeal and also yes, all those tattoo are real. It's interesting also to note the change in perception in the cult of celebrity today that porn stars have become viable business people and celebrities. Also Tattoo- well the exportation of tattoos from tribal times to sailors to gay culture to punk to mainstream cheerleaders and soccer moms actually deserves it's own dissertation. 

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