Johnny Hazzard Cooks! and then gets yanked from Youtube!

My husband Taylor has a not-so-secret crush on porn star Johnny Hazzard. The tattooed italian boy is pretty darn cute so it's easy to see. Recently a adorable video surface of Johnny preparing a baked fig appetizer. Youtube then removed the video for violation of their service agreement because of the baring of his buttock in the background. It's astounding this fear of even the briefest glimpse of nudity, especially male nudity. Positive displays of Female Sexuality and male nudity are the final frontiers in American cinema it seems. A number of years ago I saw Danny Boyle's brilliant and terrifying film 28 Days Later in Portland, OR an enclave of sex positive , frequently naked in public Americans and yet to my consternation and surprise the shrillest loudest scream of shock in the film came with in minutes of the film starting. It was at the sight of Cillian Murphy unconscious and fully exposed in a hospital bed. Apparently gouging out a man's eyes onscreen with your thumbs and the constant threat of death by zombie-esque plague victims and rape by villainous men folk is okay. A flaccid penis! DEAR GOD NO!
Well check out Johnny Hazzard's cooking segment here and enjoy his informative and cheeky banter (pun intended).

Hazzardous Life 01 - Funny bloopers R us

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