Ian Thorpe: The Thorpedo and the Married Weight.

As much is being said about former Olympian Ian Thorpe's surprising new physique as  about his vague admission he's in love with someone who is not from Australia (hmm someone like Daniel Mendez, the Brazilian Swimmer he has shared his home and life with for the past three years? Perhaps the Same Daniel who with Ian, has split the holidays with Ian's family and his own?)well Enjoy the before and after pics. Ian clearly is in love And quite frankly I'm happy for him (and not at all because I used to live with this deranged woman who was obsessed with Ian  Thorpe so his being gay is even SWEETER! God she's a fruit fly even to celebs she will never meet-I digress) Well I think Daniel must be one hell of a cool from looking at Ian. (He's porked up fatter than said deranged stalker woman)
 Okay Okay, this post is kinda mean and body fascist which I am not really. I actually think Ian has the makings if a hot ass bear cause despite the extra pounds you know that boy(he's only 26)  still has endurance.

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