Homophobia In Portland!! Update 3

Soo ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, and those in-between and undecided we went to our "first appearances" today hoping it would be our last day in court over the ridiculous homophobic rent-a-cop actions of PSU security agent David Baker and his boss Mike Soto. However they did not have the police report from the December 3rd incident complete and the D.A. did not drop the charges so we head back to court January 30th at which time we plan on nailing their asses to the wall. Here is what info I'm allowed to say at this time.

* Taylor has been charged now with Criminal Trespass II and (now) 2 counts of public indecency

* Pre-Trial is set for Jan 30th , though we hope to resolve the matter sooner.

* The "magical" police report will be available to us by Wednesday we were told.

* they have named the other guy arrested as "co-defendant" which is highly unusual as they do not know each other and were charged with differing "crimes"

* According to PSU VP of Operations there was no sting on gay men in the PUBLIC bathrooms this was a "citizen " complaint, however this so called "victim" has not come forth at this time.

I want to thank you all for being so kind and concerned over the last few weeks. They have been very trying times for us and also our closest friends.

On that note I want to extend our deepest and most sincere condolences to Duncan, Lawrence, and Robert Dunn on the loss of their father. May he be at peace.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I have am a student at PSU and have been following your blog about this incident.

I almost want to think that the DA is in on this whole thing, too. Since the supposed incident is so absurd, I thought it would have been thrown out immediately. Something seems really odd about this whole affair.

Well, good luck.