Beau Breedlove- Unzipped

Apparently Beau Breedlove , the star attraction in the Sam Adams "scandal" has been offered an undisclosed sum of money to pose nude (and the cover) in one of Unzipped Media's publications (Freshmen, Men, Unzipped) . This actually disgusted me to be honest.  
I just am sick of the righteous indignation on behalf of those like Beau's father now. "clearly he was groomed" um sir, clearly he's done some grooming but this guy knew exactly what he was doing and I'm sure had done "it" many times before.

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Cody DeRoss said...

so nuts. this still blows my mind that i know him. speaking of his dad, marty, did i tell you my mom dated him? he was a tool. small fucking oregon.