In a staggering overstep of their meager limits the American Family Association (AFA) have continued their now month long call to boycott Pepsi Co. as I've previously state here but now also have spread their "Good Christian American Family Values" to The United Kingdom where they are calling for a television advert to be pulled. From t.v. in ANOTHER FREAKING COUNTRY! It offends them and yet it is not even shown in the states? Now a Boycott by the AFA holds little meaning , even in this country, they frequently forge letters of  acquiescence and cry victory. They did this with McDonald's among others. 
While Pepsi Co. is pretty much ignoring these neo-conservative fanatics I thought I'd post the UK Pepsi advert that caused their latest furor as well, it's actually pretty damn cute.  I just still am galled by these fanatics and their demands that the rest of , now world, bend to their small minded message. They feel threatened that  the views of others are being forced down their throats but they constantly assault the media and corporate America for doing such things as offering Domestic Partner benefits, marketing products to the LBGT community and donating to charities. I feel this is more UN-American and the opposite of Christianity than the causes they protest. 

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