UPDATE- Homophobic Cops at PSU

so a few thinks . First and foremost thank you all for the support. Taylor is home safe and doing well all things considered, as am I. Between the emailing campaign and the news segment on KATU news we have be inundated with tons of emails of support and questions about how to help,as well as calls for more info. we have a wonderful attorney Eileen O'Reilly who is a godsend.
Here is a few things I can say to answer a few common questions:

* No, we have not gotten the police report from PSU yet. After being told Monday(dec.8), and after telling KATU reporter Dan Tilkin it would be available after 11 am on Tuesday (dec.9) PSU has now suppressed the report of the incident pending first appearances in court for fear of juror swaying if this was a.) made public and b.) actually went to trial.

* Taylor was charged with Criminal Trespassing II and Public Indecency and has been banned fro the campus for 2 years( for being on public property?!!? )

* Yes we have contacted the mayor's office.

* If you would like to send your concerns the appropriate channel seems to be President@pdx.edu

*Want to help? TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW! write the president of PSU don't let incidents like this in your own life go unaccounted for, our first and foremost concern is expunging Taylor's spotless record.

* I will be posting a digitized version of KATU's coverage on the blog sometime this evening.

Again thank you all for your support a special thanks to Matthew, Holly, Jon and Paul,Dennis , Tom , Sam, Duncan and Sarah and Mary and Frank.
and of course Eileen.

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