T'was the night before Election.

Exhausted. Over Saturated. stuffed to the bloody gills with news and gossip.  Going to bed early tonight and reading a book. One that has talking animals. maybe some witchcraft. I need a break from the reality of all this. This historic moment. I feel confident, but that said I'm your typical neurotic Jewish boy- I'm always worried.  I'm a born worrier. I screamed at my mother "Why are you trying to kill me?!"  when she and my father tried to teach me to ride my bike without training wheels. This is the kind of person I am on many levels still. What is out to get me? Who will betray me? It's a maddening personality trait I find I am incapable of shedding so far. When I let down my guard I'm frequently surprised by the bizarre intrusions. My insane ex-girlfriend whom I broke up with a half decade ago started stalking me, my (former) best friend of 15 years suddenly betrays me and stops speaking to me during my court battle with said stalker.  I have a problem trusting  people. As well I should.  I certainly have a hard time trusting the "American People" Slavery. Segregation. the genocide of the native Americans. the Witch trials. Red Scare. Japanese Interment camps. Homophobia. Misogyny. This is such a cursory glance at history. I long for a revolution, a true one. One uniting us and bring hope  and dignity to our beleaguered country.  I want to feel proud to be the son of this mother land, not a constant scout for a new roost to be an expatriate. Barack Obama may just be that spark that leads us to change.  God knows he's gonna try, but what we need is for the the masses, the lumbering bulk of the nation to rub the crusted mucus from their sleeping eyes and LOOK . Look up! the stars are no less bright in these trying times. Our fear has not given us anything but more fear. We have no sympathy left no room for compassion. LOOK! LOOK !
Look Up and see the world still exists, the spinning mass of minerals and chemical reactions . Jew, Christian, Muslim, Conservative, Liberal, Democrat, Republican, Socialist, Gay, Straight, young, old, regardless of race, creed, national origin, LOOK! Nothing you do will change the world's rotation. You will not stop the progression of time forward.   The sun will set the moon will rise and set and the Sun will rise again. Change is individual, and it is cultural and it is coming. Look-  A new dawn approaches, and in the light of day we will see we still have the triumphs and tragedies we always have. However. We have the opportunity to truly Look, see and learn from out past transgressions and make a better tomorrow. 
Because tomorrow is always coming. 
It is the day after today.

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