Mayor Elect Sam Adams HOT FOX!

Total babe and openly gay Mayor-elect of Portland 
spoke to the crowd  at the civil rights rally on Saturday against the passage of recent antigay initiatives in many states nation wide. While we lacked a permit to march he hilariously pointed out (um mister, you're the mayor... can't we march anyway? Answer nope) 
Many chanted "Yes we can", or "YES we Will" echoing President-Elect Obama's rally cries. A march in Portland is being organized at a later date.  This makes me proud of what I have found at times to be a slow to react community . Nationally the gay community MUST stand UP and FIGHT this and end second class citizenship once and for all. 
JOIN THE IMPACT! and help make the country the "more perfect union" it should be, it could be, and is not yet.  We all pay our taxes, abide by the same laws, and want the same freedoms and rights we deserve. 

See more pics here!


Anonymous said...

this is prejudiced towards people with out facebook....

just saying.....


Andrew klaus-Vineyard said...

Thank you for Contacting Guest Services,
We currently aware of this issue and we are correcting it. Thanks so much for your support and we look forward to hearing more from you in the future