A is For Accident (featuring Aaron Fuhr)

So Here's the latest A is For Accident video from the up-coming album Slow-Kids Play. 
Psalm For You , features guest vocalist Aaron Fuhr (of Vertebrae by Vertebrae)
The video was inspired by bootleg 8mm adult film from the 1950s and 60s. I hope it looks like a dream of ,or the memory of those films and their flickering  images of then illegal couplings. So don't adjust your screens, it's intentionally blurry and red and distant like all illicit things can be.  Aaron's histrionic take on the lyrics are a perfect counter point to the floating dreamy melody lines and the videos mutating visual aesthetic.  Psalm for You is perhaps the oldest song to make it onto the album with versions dating back as far as 2002. 
This version was recorded at Movable Feast in Portland, Oregon and mixed by our french compatriots Yves & Ys, who executive produced Slow-Kids Play.  

The video was produced by Time-Out Films and Burnt Latex Productions

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carrieviohl said...

Love this! The textures and *lack* of textures are fabulous!