Mormans Versus Families

How Anderson Cooper keeps his cool with these Prop . 8 bigots it's truly a testament to his steely professionalism.  Look I understand that gay marriage is a thorny issue to a lot of religious, but I also understand the basic precepts that we set when this nation was founded to make "a more perfect union" .  
Our founding fathers couldn't always agree on much at any one moment but they all more or less agreed on the separation of Church and State, after all that was why the Puritans came to this land to set up the "city upon a hill." For the Church of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) to wield their financial heft to oppress another minority smacks of such blindingly pious hypocrisy that i am truly speechless.   This is the same church defending the traditional terms of marriage when for 200 years they supported polygamy and changed their stance to avoid the loss of tax exemptions. The same rational goes for the former church doctrine that people of color, specifically those of  African descent were cursed by God, the mark of Cain (their being black) and were denied church fellowship.  
I think it's summed up best If you don't believe in a same-sex marriage, don't have one. I'm not gonna tell you how to pray, you don't tell me where to lay my head at night.  If we allow this what's next? 
This is the road to theocracy. State sanctioned religion, no different than the Taliban we pride ourselves for combatting. We are becoming what we hate the most.  

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