Dear Taylor


I woke up at six a.m. this morning to a chorus of snores. This is not at all unusual. Wiggles, our Chihuahua-Shitz-su mix is nestled against me on my right, a tiny baby snore. Ted, our 19 pound narcoleptic tom cat is wheezing away, loudly. And yes you're snoring a little bit too. 
How did I end up here?
Under possibly the most complicated conditions and situations possible for two people and against seemingly insurmountable odds, as two people who were not looking for anything more than a one night stand we met.  From chatting online for five hours to a three hour phone call to impromptu dinner the next night it was always just easy . I knew sitting down for drinks and dinner at The Virginia Cafe (which has now moved to a new location and we have to check it out at some point begrudgingly) despite all the warning signs, despite my total lack of interest in a relationship, despite I was still living with my (then not-so-)ex girlfriend who was in Ohio on a break from me at the time. I knew. 
You were the man I would spend the rest of my life with. 
It's not always easy, but it's impossible with out you. I have watched you grow from a struggling tortured artist who wore KMFDM t-shirts and drove around in a giant ghetto sled of a car to a man who is studying for law school, who is a respected artist, who on a whim got his  hair license and worked with your friend Jennifer Anniston (much to Matthew and I's constant amusement ). You have a will and a drive like no other . You kept me sane while we shot one of the most unnecessarily difficult films in history in the backwaters of Louisiana; you kept your cool when I was stalked and threatened by a deranged mentally ill woman; you have braved my family, not an easy task- You are my family.
So I woke up this morning, over heating with you the dog and one of the cats in bed snoring away (kickers has officially claimed the window seat pillow this week, sorry Ted) There is nowhere else that could possibly compare. It has been five years today that we found each other, and now we'll never be lost gain. 
I love you, Happy anniversary. 

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